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Cabrinha Switchblade 2014 – Performance Freeride Kite

There is only one kite which has embodied the true spirit of kiteboarding for the last (8) years for its spot-on performance in such a wide range of conditions. The Switchblade humbly takes the title of the highest performance kite with the easiest handling. But we are not about to rest on our laurels. In 2014 the Switchblade gets an upgrade in handling with an all new bridling that provides an even more direct and precise steering. Changes in outline and profile ensure that the 2014 Switchblade delivers power on the low end and precise handling and control on the top end.

Cabrinha_Switchblade_2014_actionWhy you’ll love it

  • New profiles – better low end power, excellent top end
  • Less pulleys – more direct steering, better response
  • Park and ride stability – consistent power without working the kite
  • Light bar pressure – featherweight control
  • Huge boostting and mega hang time – put it up there and keep it there
  • Moderate arc shape with dynamic arc – more power and more aerodynamic efficiency
  • Easy relaunch

Cabrinha_Switchblade_2014-action Kite tech

  • Overdrive 1X Control & Security System
  • Overdrive mode Adjusts 8 cm
  • 2DR Double Ripstop
  • Skeletal Frame Technology
  • Dynamic Arc
  • Sprint Single Point Inflation
  • Power Control Pigtails

Overdrive 1X Control & Security System

Our eternal quest for a simpler solution to control, handling and security, has produced our cleanest and most feature rich control system to date. The Overdrive 1X control and security system is a compact joystick with heaps of built in features. Size adjusts 49-57 cm.

  • Cabrinha_2014_Overdrive_1X_Bar1X Security – complete kite shut down
  • Adjust bar length 8 cm in seconds
  • Depower on demand
  • Recoil trim adjustment
  • Internalized lines / clutter free
  • Removable security pin
  • Spinning leash
  • Secondary QR
  • Ergonomic floating bar ends
  • Internal swivel