Everyone is able to learn how to ride on the waves with a kite! Kite school Pryde Club Mauritius has developed a unique course, which gives a skill to an intermidiate level rider to act safely on the simple waves. Wave riding is easier than you think!

Training program « Waveriding in Mauritius »

The first level. Theory

  • Wave Theory
  • Currents
  • Reefs
  • Tides

The second level. Familiarising

  • Сonsolidation of knowleddge, obtained at the first level

The third level. Practice

  • Basics of riding on surfboard with kite
  • Turns and going in switch stance

All prices per person in MUR (Mauritian Rupees)
Exchange rates MUR to all world currencies here >>

WAVERIDING LESSONS. Manawa and Small Reef

  • Group lesson (from 2 pepsons) – 2000 Rs. per hour
  • Private lesson – 3500 Rs. per hour


SPEED BOAT ESCORT (SAFETY BOAT). Manawa, Small reef, Chameaux, One Eye

  • 4000 Rs. per hour


Wave riding training is performed only for the riders with the confident skills of upwind riding on twintip board. Equipment is not included. Wave-kites and kitesurfboards can be rented from Pryde School

Photo report of the basic course

If you want to learn how to ride the waves with a kite in Mauritius, call (230) 5-989-10-60, or search for the Pryde School bus in the kite lagoon.

Classes start with a theoretic part, telling about the basics of security, different types of waves, currents, reefs and tides in Mauritius.

Ashore analyzing of riding technique and kitesurfbard turns details

Demonstration of turns and riding technique happens in the close proximity to the students.

Toeside riding.

Practical exercises on the water.

Our students obtain the proper technique of kitesurfboard riding quickly.

Speed control – is an important part of learning how to ride kitesurfboard.

Our students are getting used to the new boards promptly.

Particular attention is given to the turns technique.

And also to the toeside riding technique.

After mastering the turns, students go to Manawa together with the instructor.

The instructor shows the student the right place on the wave to start surfing.

The instructor accompanies the student in catching his first waves.

While on the wave, instructor is constantly communicating with the student.

Instructor closely monitoring the student, correcting his riding technique in real time.

It’s done! The first wave of independent surfing of our student. And this is just after 4 hours of classes!

Compulsory aftersurfing discussion on the shore. Basic course is finished. Next step is Advanced level.

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